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**(excerpt from our rally flyer)

Each February we hold our annual St. Valentine's Day Massacre rally. Funds from this rally go to support charities that provide therapeutic horsemanship. For more information on the St. Valentine's Day Massacre rally, visit WWW.MASSACRERALLY.COM.

Below are links to the charity we support and an excerpt from our rally flyer detailing more information about the services that these charities provide.

**"Providing therapeutic horsemanship to individuals with disabilities, favorably affecting areas often beyond the reach of conventional therapy. It teaches problem solving, self-control, and a host of other valuable life skills. For victims of emotional injuries, it is sometimes easier to trust an animal than a person. Many riders learn to relate to others by first relating to a horse.

The relationship with a live animal, the mastery of new challenges, and working out in the fresh air of the country are some of the many factors that contribute to the amazingly positive impact equestrian therapy has on its participants.

Therapeutic riding is widely recognized as a beneficial method of therapy for people with physical, mental, emotional, or sensory deficits. Research has produced solid evidence that animal-assisted therapy in the form of structured horseback riding not only reduces the manifestations of the rider's disabilities, but enables him/her to gain skills in other areas as well. Under supervision of a trained facilitator, the horse becomes a sensitive therapist, and friend.

For many different reasons, horses, as therapists, inspire many people with handicapped conditions to accomplish things thought to be impossible, all the while fostering feelings of pride, joy, and a sense of well being."

Equessense Theraputic Horseplay

Equessense - Theraputic Horse Play
6062 Youngsford Rd
Marion, TX 78124
info @


From Equessense's Facebook Page - August 17, 2016

"FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, AUGUST 12th & 13th, EQUESSENSE GAZEBO ANGELS TO THE RESCUE. The hard working guys and gals from Alamo City Gypsy MC along with a group of related boy scouts came out bearing materials, tools and equipment to build Equessense a gazebo that won't blow away. They worked tirelessly (wait. Take it back. They got plenty TIRED) performing hard labor in the hottest, most oppressive humidity you could imagine. They toiled ardently, non-stop until almost dark. Then here they were, on Saturday morning, almost when the sun came up and got back to work to complete the awesome structure. It is a work of architectural ART!

Because we have same medically fragile children, we HAVE to provide them with a shady place to rest and hydrate. The first camp year we invested in 2 huge Gazebos- one for the snack shack and the other for the Art/Science/Sensory . It was about $800.00 worth of shelter. Big Lots helped us out. They gave us a half-price discount on one and threw the other one in as a gift. We were so proud of those gazebos and they worked perfectly until a sudden, summer storm blew them away almost into the neighbor's pasture. That summer we went through 3 more EZ-Ups. Last summer I think we had another 3 fly away. And this summer we were working on our 2nd one. WELL that will never happen again.

Thanks to our wonderful, amazing and faithful friends and sponsors who take such GREAT care of us. There's a lot of talk and goose-bump rousing articles these days about the presence of angels on earth. But our angels wear gold vests and drive big motorcycles. They have the biggest hearts and the hardest working hands and the most generous, giving spirits you'll ever see on this earth. We love our Gypsy MC brothers and sisters more than words could ever express. This gift will contribute to a lot of inspiring experiences. And our parents will love having a breezy place of shade to watch their children ride. Thank you is not enough of a word."


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